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Fimentum Consulting is a consultancy dedicated to enabling start-ups and SMEs to reach their maximum potential. We provide highly customized consulting services that help our clients succeed. Understanding the many challenges start-ups and SMEs face at every stage of their business, we offer our services at a price uniquely designed for each company. At Finmentum, we are in business of growth and realizing your goal - your success is our success. We strive to help our clients achieve their business milestones and advance towards their full potential by leveraging our broad network of industry experts and consultants.

Our mission is to connect


We empower start-ups and SMEs to reach their full potential and build a sustainable foundation and strategy.

Finmentum also leverages the expertise of our strong advisory board which is composed of industry leaders, experienced business professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs with a proven record of success.

Whichever stage your business is currently in, our team is committed to helping you grow your business by providing you an actionable solution and strategic direction you need.

Our Process

  1. Assessment: At the assessment stage, we begin by taking the time to understand the business model, industry/ market, and most importantly, our clients. This stage reveals challenges and opportunities that our client is facing. We then define the project scope, set milestones and build a consulting team specific to the clients’ needs.
  2. Solution: Our team of consultants conducts in-depth research and analysis to address the challenges and areas for improvement identified in the assessment. Once a thorough understanding of the operating environment, business model and our clients’ goals has been reached, our team designs a winning solution, which may include strategic direction, management guidance, etc.
  3. Delivery: At each milestone, our team and clients meet to deliver insights and receive feedback.


Every business is unique and requires different forms of support and strategy to reach its objectives. We do not believe in providing a generic solution, but rather one based on the business model, operating environment, stage of business cycle, and other important factors. Understanding this dynamic, Finmentum offers hand-picked services that our clients need to solve the identified issues and improvement areas from the assessment stage. Our team provides broad range of services necessary from the conception to launch:

Generic Research & Analysis

  • Identifying and presenting industry-specific risks and opportunities likely to affect operations, growth, financing opportunities and exit strategies.

Business Plan Development/Optimization

  • In-depth research & analysis on our client, industry, and the market
  • Strategy & business model formulation
    • Holistic overview of Finance, Accounting, Operations, Marketing and other company practices, relative to the competitive landscape
  • Implementation plan
    • Tactics to implement the strategy on budget and on schedule

Financial Modelling

  • A through review and optimization of revenue model
  • Financial projections using assumptions developed through in-depth research and analysis

Financing Strategy

  • Start-up valuation using financial model designed? for future financing rounds
  • Identifying the best financing options for your business
  • Investor pitch decks

Crowdfunding Campaigns

  • Campaign Plan
    • Identifying audience and plan for traction accordingly
    • Present a brief overview of the business and project targeted to the identified audience
    • Setting target and reward for each campaign (for crowdfunding campaigns)
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